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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by code green
that's good right there. that's a pretty solid group of RBs, btw.

Need a big game from my team this week after Matt Ryan and Matt Bryant gave my opponent 52 points already. Playing RG3, AP/T-Rich, Marshall/Austin/Alexander, Owen Daniels and Shaun Swisham. Only thing I'm stuck on is my D:

Pitt vs Cincinnati
St. Louis vs Tampa
Washington vs Philly

Any suggestions?

I'd start Washington's defense. After that slaughter the Bucs had last week, I expect them to come out firing. Cincinnati will exploit that weak Pittsburgh secondary. Washington vs. Philly just seems like the best choice. Still don't trust a rookie QB.

Btw, your lineup looks good. Idk about Daniels though. He's been inconsistent. Gotta love Trent though. He always gets the ball in the redzone. Lol he'll have 40 yards, but put up 2 td's. I hate to bench him this week, but that Denver D is scary considering what they did to Rice last week. Anyways, good luck today
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