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Default Re: Article: Mike Brown says Kobe Bryant made him a better coach

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
DK, look around you. Have you noticed this forum is about 85% you and I going back and forth? Everytime someone else has an opinion, you go on about how they wouldn't know because they haven't coached. I also share the blame on that because most of our posts involve us both getting aggressive with basketball. Re-read what you wrote...its absolutely ridiculous. Its just a forum. Take it easy. No team is going to give you a coaching job for being aggressive in a forum full of complete strangers.

Basketball is fun. So help make the forum fun and take it easy with this "you don't know anything" garbage. I can take it....Im still here aren't I? When you do that with strangers though, there's a a very thin line that you don't just cross, but you cross, you rape your opponent's mother, and then you cross back over the line again. So if you're going to do that coaching thing, pick your opponent that actually can read through that crap so you don't drive people away with that aggressive nonsense.

OMG, Freak, what just happened to you? You finally took off your helmet and just realized that DK thinks he is God and us here are merely idiots who are clueless about basketball?
He calls most NBA coachess like Mike Brown and D'Antoni, clowns, said Erik Spoelstra as a tad better than the two Mikes etc and yet he spends most of his time here, a free website ranting who stupid they are and if we disagree, he will insult our intelligence as if we are lowest scums of the earth. Then later on hell put up these. as if nothing happened.
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