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Default Re: Lowry vs. Calderon

Lowry "hate" comes from the fact he's chucking a lot of shots, but to me it's because there isn't much options out there to begin with. There isn't many players who can create off the dribble on this team, so Lowry will have to look for his. My problem is that were trying to build more around the point guards than the the sum of their parts where they can be more effective.

I think we can look for better options than our point guards to build around and looking at Lowry to be the 2nd option.

Originally Posted by 00playboy00
Lowry all day - He plays D - no one wins with Offence.

While I'm also taking Lowry, it's not because of that point. You can win with a player who is more offensive orientated than another player who is more all-around.

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
Ever since Nash and Kidd were in the MVP race in the mid 00's, fans have had this strange obsession with having a "pure PG". I think that term is totally overrated and, to me, meaningless.

I think it started more with John Stockton than Nash and Kidd, but your right.
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