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Default Re: Raptors fans, thoughts on Chris Bosh winning a ring with the Heat

I don't think most Toronto fans cared about Bosh in say, the way we loved a prime Vince Carter. We liked him but it wasn't that serious. I think what most were upset about were A. how he was only playing for himself and clearly quit on the team.

B. Just like the VC deal we got shit out of it. Bosh in a S & T for a 1st round pick from the Heat (which we gave away) our own 1st rounder back that we gave to the Heat as part of the JO deal. And a trade exception that became Hedo ****ing Turkoglu. And even that is more of BC's fault for not trading him earlier and making horrible roster changes in an attempt to keep him while appeasing Bargnani.

Overall, still don't care about Bosh nor do I follow the Heat. And i'm pretty uninterested when the Heat come and play in Toronto as well because it's the Lebron show anyways.
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