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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by Clutch
Knicks haven't played well lately. This 6 game home stand almost turned out to be a disaster. Luckily we ended it 4-2 even though we could have easily gone 2-4.

Let's review it:
W vs LA Lakers - Probably the best game of this home stand. We were blowing them out until Melo went down. Even then we controlled the game until the end.

W vs Cleveland - Could have easily lost this game. We were inches away from going into overtime. That Varejao free throw went in and out. Poor performance but ended up with a win.

L vs Houston - Just terrible play.

W vs Brooklyn - Good win.The only game of the home stand we actually played some defense.

L vs Chicago - Horrible effort for 90% of the game. Officiating didn't help us either. We looked horrible on both ends.

W vs Minnesota - Poor defense in the 1st half,picked it up in the 2nd. We stole this one but win is a win. Not satisfied with their play though,this game shouldn't have been this close.

Looking into it a little deeper.

LA - We were destroying them until Dwight took out Melo.

Cle - Were winning comfortably without Melo, but Kyrie made a furious comeback that fell short.

Houston - No Melo.

Brooklyn - Good win with Melo.

Chicago - Refs completely took us out of the game. One of the worst reffed games I have ever seen.

Minnesota - Refs were screwing us over this game too, until the end when Melo took the game over and destroyed them in the 4th.

It wasn't as bad as you are making it out to be, considering we were without our best player for 1/3 of it.
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