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Default Re: Week 16 Discussion and Game thread

Originally Posted by Pacers4ever
Don't see what's so bad about that he converted the 4 & 5 in that play. What you should of posted was the play that happened very soon afterwards which was a pick in the 1 yard line Also Eli isn't elite he never has been with his up and downs he's in the 2nd tier along with ben. I just think Eli is slow too it took him pretty much 7 years to develop. Will be fun to read their forums once they're eliminated.
Yeah, Eli is terrible. Having two runs 4 games straight in two separate years where you have to win the last few games to get into the playoffs and having two game winning drives in the Superbowl is the mark of being terrible.


You also said Ben isn't that good too, my ****ing god you're a moron.
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