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Default Re: NFL MVP & DMVP Rankings.

Tom Brady had basically the same dominant defense to lean on when he was winning back to back superbowls. Russell is doing just as well in that "manage the game, make clutch plays" role as Tom was back then, if not better thus far.

He deserves a mention. He doesn't deserve to be discredited individually because he has a great defense to lean on. So did Roethlisberger when he won superbowls.

So if you're going to discredit his importance to the team you may as well discredit all superbowl winning quarterbacks before him.

Eli doesn't have two rings if he doesn't have a dominant defense in the playoffs.

His brother doesn't either.

We see how many Brady has since '04, even though he's better quarterback the last several years vs. when he won superbowls.

Drew has zero without defense.

etc, etc, etc

Not like Wilson is out there Dilfering his way to a potential superbowl. He's playing the manage the game and make clutch plays (3rd downs, end of half, 4th quarter) like Brady did for his superbowls. We don't discredit Brady, so why discredit Wilson now?
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