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Default Re: Gets awfully quiet in here when Rose hasn't been around..

Originally Posted by Go Getter
What were you like 12 back then?

You sound like a crack head.....Vince has always been soft, inconsistent, poor on defense, a sub par passer, and rather pouty.

At that point in time Vince had done the following: a 4 time all star, ROY, 2 all nba teams (second and third) and missed 67 games by the time 03-04 started. After being in the league 5 years. BARELY missed out on the finals, and had been very consistent. He wasn't a great defender by any means I'll admit that, but he DID play defense. And wasn't pouty at all. He didn't demand to be traded till the next year. After rumors had started.

Vince didn't get the loser label till he got traded to the Nets, and they never even sniffed the finals. And then it got worse as his tenure there went on.

And for the record I never wanted Vince, nor CP3, D-will, or just about anyone. Aside from Dwight, Bosh(free agency not trade), and Kobe. But Kobe obviously was never going to come here without Deng staying.

Oh and you're right EJ is another exception, I forgot about him wanting to be in Phoenix.
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