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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Originally Posted by Dolphin
Ya, Gonzaga has a couple really good Canadians. They're obviously in the category of good/great college players that won't amount to much or anything in the NBA, but it's great to see so many of them now in the NCAA.

Kabongo from Texas is a borderline first round NBA prospect. Another full season would have helped him. He's not exactly Wiggins/Bennett, but he has a legit chance of having a career in the NBA if he can get time on the court.

I know I'm missing a lot of players.

yea Kelly Olynyk! I remember him when we were kids. His dad was a coach and they lived in Toronto for a while. Dude was like a 5 foot 8 yr old everyone knew he would be massive, but dude can play

It sucks about Kabongo, the whole situation, he didin't even lie to the NCAA he lied to the university's compliance personnel, but when the NCAA interviewed him he told them everything. I mean, the dude chose to STAY at school and they punish him? I don't think thats a message the NCAA should be sending

youre right tho, because of that, probably a borderline first-rounder, shouldve been a lottery pick dude has amazing speed and vision. Hoping Texas does well in conference play without him until he's back so he can at least play in the tournament and bring his draft stock back from the dead
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