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Default Re: You be the GM: New York Jets

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
How do you trade Sanchez? Wh is going to pay him 8 mil?

By offering any team a draft pick(2nd or 3rd round) to bite on the deal.. I think a team with cap space like the Jags(unlikely since they are Tebow territory) or maybe KC that are looking for a QB may pay him 8mil as well as getting a draft pick in return. It's not a bad trade at all for KC for example and that allows them to take the BPA in the draft(although I think they need to draft Barkley)

Hell maybe the Browns will look to groom Sanchez after Weeden retires lulz..
Maybe the Cards?

Point is that second or third round pick that the jets are offering to unload Sanchez will make a team bite imo.
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