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Default Re: Gets awfully quiet in here when Rose hasn't been around..

Originally Posted by Go Getter
Fact is Vince made so many all star teams because he was a crowd pleaser. He was never a prime time player and paying him like one would have been a mistake.

He was not a 2-way player, and he didn't win games like you'd want your #1 option to.

Do you really think the Bulls missed out by not getting Carter?
What do you consider a primetime player? Carter was putting up 25 ppg during that time. With a high of 28. He almost led his Raptor team to the NBA finals in 01. I especially remember how the media blasted him hecause he went to his graduation ceremony the day of that game seven vs philly. Or it was something like that. Carter was considered a great player at the time.

Youre unreasonable. You want a great player thats cheap, young, an off the court good guy, and will only play for the Bulls. That aint gonna happen.
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