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Default Danny Green doing great on Spurs

Green always has had a quick trigger and easy swagger when shooting the ball, a quality that dates to his college days at North Carolina, where between 2005-09, he played in more victories than any player in school history.

What Green lacked in the NBA, at least until last season, was an opportunity to showcase that.

Drafted 46th overall in 2009, Green appeared in 20 games as a rookie with the Cavs before being jettisoned in a post-Decision purge that also included general manager Danny Ferry.

Ferry eventually resurfaced in San Antonio, where he became vice president of basketball operations. A few months later, so did Green.

“They obviously thought there were other people better out there (at creating offense) than I was,” Green said of the Cavs’ new management. “They didn’t need me anymore. Luckily, I found a spot where I didn’t have to do those things.”

-- San Antonio Express-News
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