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Originally Posted by jamal
...which is why i think they'll get AI. we know PHI doesn't want kmart, but if they can find a third team i think its gonna happen. where else is he gonna go? ATL is out, and BOS seems to be moving on with rajon and bassy, plus would philly really send him to a division rival?

denver may be the most talented team in the NBA. problem is, as it currently stands, the talent does not add up to a good team. why? simply, too many big men and too few shooters. but if the new GM shakes it up properly, this team could be facing PHX or DAL in the WCF next year. think im kidding? this team actually has more assets than Miami, who won the title. they are STACKED in the frontcourt: Camby, Nene, Martin, Najara, Elson(who can play, if you've never seen him), and Reggie Evans too. Even Lenus Kleiza. If the 05 draft was re-done he's go in the top 15. that is an OVERABUNDANCE of talent. needs to be thinned out. than there's melo, dre miller, boykins, ruben patterson, greg buckner, julius hodge (who definately has value around the L), and even der-marvelous johnson.

denver NEEDS to move some of these guys and get AI. wow, they have alot of pieces teams would want.

Most talented? Elson is 30 and has not proven anything; running out of time. Nene is coming off an injury and even before then did not show a lot of improvement from year to year. Martin cannot keep his mouth shut and has a bad attitude. Camby is always getting injured and is at the age (32) where decline begins.

I'd rather take Chicago's talent overall.

If I had to take a talented front court for the future I would rather take Orlando's Howard/Milicic. They are 7-8 years from their prime. Milicic was in a bad situation in Detroit and is finally getting some playing time. He could very well have a break out year this year.

Or Bargnani/Bosh (yes I am a Raptors fan). Sure Bargnani still has to prove himself (just like Milicic) in the NBA but Bargnani has a great skill set.
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