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Default Re: Who would you build around - Blake Griffin or James Harden?

Originally Posted by millwad
No, they hate CF86 and they know that the dude has no life and he's obsessed with Griffin.

I like how he whines about defense when the difference is that James Harden is doing everything on offense and is the one creating 38 minutes per game compared to Griffin having the luxury of Paul's passing on offense while only playing 32 minutes per game.

And haha, Synergy nonsense, so suddenly BG's defense is equal to a top 25 defender, yeah right.

Wow this post has so much fail in it. There's a reason Harden has to do everything on offense. Other than him, who's going to score on the Rockets? That's his role, to score.

Griffin only plays 32 minutes because the Clippers are blowing teams out. More than that, Griffin earns the good passes from Paul by running the fast breaks, having timely cuts, and he's making his midrange jumpers now too.

One is on a 13 game win streak, one is on a team that's 14-12. You guys overrate James Harden so much, it's ridiculous.
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