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Default Re: Who would you build around - Blake Griffin or James Harden?

Originally Posted by TheCalmInsanity
Wow this post has so much fail in it. There's a reason Harden has to do everything on offense. Other than him, who's going to score on the Rockets? That's his role, to score.

Griffin only plays 32 minutes because the Clippers are blowing teams out. More than that, Griffin earns the good passes from Paul by running the fast breaks, having timely cuts, and he's making his midrange jumpers now too.

One is on a 13 game win streak, one is on a team that's 14-12. You guys overrate James Harden so much, it's ridiculous.

You don't seem very bight.

Yeah, the reason why Harden is doing at all on offense while being damn effective is due the fact that he's one hell of an offensive player. And again, yeah, BG only plays 32 minutes because his team is damn good but it also gives him the opportunity to spend less energy on offense while getting tons of passes by CP3. Harden has to create a great majority of his opportunities, BG, not so much.

And what has the winning streak to do with anything, put elite players next to Harden and you'll have a damn fine team too.

And this is a post from Clutchfans about how efficient he is;


After struggling for a bit early in the season, Harden has now brought his TS% back up to .600 again. For those unfamiliar with the stat, it's one's "shooting percentage" once you account for FTs and extra credit for 3s.

For reference, amongst top-30 scorers in the NBA, or #1 options if you will.

1. Durant .654
2. Lebron .604
3. Mayo .602
4. Harden .600
5. Melo .590
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