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Default Re: The overwhelming splendor and excellence of the Bible cannot be disputed

Originally Posted by Jello
Because there is over 6 billion copies worldwide?
Because it was used as tool for political power and gives sociological insight?
Because it is the basis of a religion that has almost 2 billion self proclaimed believers?
Because it has been a significant source for archaeology and descriptions from Biblical text has been used to help discover ancient cities?
Because it has historically corresponding events with early historians?

None of those things essentially mean jack shit or are fundamentally false.

its not a popularity contest the amount of sales hardly influences its validity or greatness,

It has also been used as a tool for evil, political schemes and oppression.

An almost unquestioned basis whereby people are brainwashed as children and no decisions are made based on fact by them when they are capable adults, if you are told that it is true by your parents, teachers, preachers and church when you are young you will inevitable believe it, at least untill you do the research yourself and make an informed decision - which almost nobody does, people are shocked when the realize how flawed it is.

Like what? What places have been found that would not have been found without guidance from the bible and what about the many places revealed in the bible have never been found - Where is the Garden of Eden? Where is Lazarus Tomb? Where is Jesus' Tomb? - And what about the fact that these ancient cities you claim the bible help to find have maintained their names since the time of the writing of the bible, how hard is it to find if it has been called the same thing for 2000 years? What about the numerous cities named in the bible that have never been found?

I dont even know what the **** your last thing means

Your a ****ing half-wit, GTFOH
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