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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.


Things you may not like:
Look ... if you're uncomfortable with the word ******, just don't go see this movie. It's thrown around by actors in a way that makes wonder just how they can do so so comfortably. You're gonna hear it a lot. Sometimes it sounds informal, like it's just the word used to describe these people and it's fine. Sometimes it sounds venomous. And other times it takes on it's modern almost friendly greeting tone. You're gonna hear it from white people and black people. Good guys and bad guys. For effect. For comedy's sake. You're gonna hear it a lot. Tarantino is at his heart made a career parodying the exploitation movies of a previous era, and it's sometimes hard to tell parody from the real thing, but that's what he's doing, he's exploiting our culture's emotional funny bone, and this is more in that wheel house than anything.
Also, as I said before, this is by no means a historical document. If you're gonna be bothered by the fact that guys have better dental hygene than they should. That the guns are probably far more accurate than they should be. That it's an awfull long ride in a chinchilla coat from West Texas to Mississippi. That I'm not sure when and where the sunglasses were finally popularized. Don't bother with this. Let those things go and enjoy the ride. These things are rides.
There are also some pretty hard plot hole issues. Why for example they felt the need to go into the mandingo fighting ruse to try to get hildy back makes no sense. Had Dr. Schultz simply approached Candie with a reasonably absurd offer for a house slave girl who spoke his native german tongue, I don't see how it would have been any different than making a similarly absurd offer for Eskimo Joe the Mandingo fighter. It wouldn't have made for much of a movie. But it's the type of thing that can take me out of the story in a way. They say she was worth 300 dollars. Had he gone to Candie saying that he heard he had recently purchased a slave girl who speaks German, and he'd be willing to overpay for her, say 2000 dollars, based on what we know about the characters, I don't see any reason why that wouldn't have worked, or at least would've been worth trying. It makes sense for the doctor to want her. Candie would be getting a great deal, and be "winning" as he's obviously want to do. They had over 12,000 dollars in cash on them as it was, so the 2000 wouldn't have been such a big deal, especially compared to what they risked to get her anyway. Just seemed a little extra convoluted. But again, you have to let go of these types of issues in a movie like this.
Finally, this is a long long mother****er. Longer than this review. Longer than my Russian Mafia Casino trip post even. I went to a 705, got out at 1015. Granted there were an ass load of trailers, but still. I know the guy hates editing his stuff. And honestly there wasn't a ton of fat. It's deliberately paced, especially early on. And Walz's dense dialogue takes time. They could've trimmed out some somewhere I suppose, but it's not like there was a lot of dead spots.
And while I'm hard pressed to make a complaint about it being too short, I will say I felt like they edited out what may have been a plot line I would've like to have seen played out. For the sake of dialogue for those who've seen it, and there is no spoiler here ... there's a character on the tracking group at Candie Land, a seemingly attractive woman who wears a mask. On a couple of occasions they go out of their way to show her eyes. It felt like she was supposed to play some larger role that never comes to fruition.

All in all, this was a really entertaining movie. Tarantino, for all his pecadillos, really knows how to write a payoff. He creates characters to an extreme, forces the audience to feel a certain way about them, then pays it off in an entertaining way. At the end of the day, that's the name of the game. He'll throw you a twist here and there. Push the envelope a little further than anyone else, but you get what you came for when it's all said and done. You will be paid off. And in this one, you actually get a couple shots at that pay off.
It was nice seeing this with a crowd. A Christmas day audience that was in the mood, racially diverse, and while I normally like a quiet theatre, QT's movies play to the audience, so I sort of appreciate it. Everyone's been to those movies that get an ovation at the end, well this one drew a couple mid movie. Sometimes I feel like I'm laughing at QT jokes that the rest of the audience isn't seeing, but that's ok.

Go see it. And go see it soon so you get a crowd with you. It's well woth the 11 bucks.

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