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Default Re: Philippine Basketball Association Thread

Originally Posted by BeeClips
ok, i just got back from a 6-week trip to the philippines. i went for my wedding/honeymoon, but i managed to squeeze in 2 pba games during my second week. by the way, i forgot who told me that legran condos on eisenhower was nice, but it was wack and it was haunted too. i'll spare that story.

back to the games. i felt like i was watching division 3 high school bball games, and the only thing close to entertainment was watching those gay guys and trannies make the players miss shots. lol. i saw one of those import players at greenhills buying fake louis vuitton purses the next day. forgot his name. the fat center from air21. that was semi-entertaining too.
Rofl I think that was Daniels, I also saw Tony Lange buying fake Nike there in his Son Goku shirt Why what was with Legran how wack was it?
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