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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by el gringos
Yes it is time to start jr smith- imagine having the opportunity thrown in your face but never even trying him as a starter. The guy deserves it and would be a better player in that role. There is no way to play 2 bigs without getting jr into that unit
Yup, I think Woodson is being stubborn with that one.

He gave JR the impression that he could earn that spot, and JR earned it imo.

What even better is JR has played overall pretty good even though his shooting has been off at times.

But for me it isn't just Brewer and JR, it's the entire lineup.

Tyson Kurt Melo JR Felton needs to be the starting lineup asap.

Kidd can spot of jumpers off the bench, with Pablo getting a little more burn.

Brewer can be a glue bench guy ala Jeffries.

Marcus backs up Tyson and plays a few minutes at the 4 with Tyson.
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