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Default Re: Surprised by Kobe/Nash fitting together so well

Terrific game, only 11 turnovers was good to see and only gave away 8 fast break points.

We might not have the best bench, it should get a little better when Blake comes back though and hopefully he'll have an Artest like rejuvination in the new offense.
And even though we don't have the best bench we have 5 players that I think can roll with everyone. Metta playing so much better is so much fun to see, he can't dribble worth a damn but he's back to being the shooter he was in Houston.

Last night everyone of the big 5 played great in their own right. Dwight made some key defensive plays and really looks focused on that end, and even though he's not getting that many shots he takes a lot of focus because he's the first option the defense looks to shut down. Also he didn't commit bonehead fouls last night fighting for position.
Pau almost had a tripple double and made terrifc passes all night, especially in the flex sets they ran, that flex offense shredded with Nash setting screens just shredded up the Knicks D, ran a bunch of different options that seemed to suprise the Knicks everytime.
Kobe scored effeciently, and like you mention did not play hero ball at the end.
And Nash, just awesome overall. He's one of the, if not the most fundamentally sound player of all time.

Hopefully this game was the new standard for the team.
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