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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Originally Posted by IGotACoolStory
I don't really think Wiggins is truly considering KU. But I do think he ends up at FSU, so it doesn't really matter. Things are fluid, tho, and it can change when/if he visits the other schools.

This is the guy.

Not sure if he's all that or not. Looks alright in the video. Doubt he stays a PG if he's a 6-7 freshman already. Unless he completely stops growing.

yea i posted on this board that he'll probably end up at FSU and people ridiculed me saying UK was a lock. Not so farfetched now
Him and Rathan-Mayes have played ball together for years, Rathan-Mayes parents went to FSU, so did Wiggins'. Unless Rathan-Mayes opens up his recruitment again (unlikely) im sticking with the FSU prediction, they'll do WORK together in the ACC

yea i've actually seen Jackson play at a tourney I was coaching at and the kid is definitely super talented. Takes plays off but that is understandable from a 14/15 yr old. Might still be growing, which is the crazy thing. Needs to work on his athleticism but I hear he's still getting used to his body
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