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Default Teams 'most likely' to be active at trade deadline?

I suppose we sit and wonder what if any deals are out there vis a vis Jose (a consumate professional) and possibly Bargnani...

I suspect that lots of deals will get thrown around but a starting point would be to define teams "likely to make a move" verses teams that will sit...

My best guestimate :


Milwaukee - probably have to move on one of Monta and Dunleavy

Orlando - probably have to move on JJRed...

Washington (?) - they made moves to build around Wall..but it isnt working. Will they unwind ?

Utah - got to settle on 2 of 3 big men - one is likely out; especially with Mo now gone at the guard.

Portland - probably want to add real depth to Lilliard and Aldridge duo - to keep / resign Aldridge. Truth and ruors says otherwise but I would bet a beer on an aquisition.

Golden State (?) - Bogut not coming back full speed ?? Will they add given success or just hold their cards hoping for more next season?

Sacremento - Suspect a decision will be made on TEvens and Cousins one of these days

Pheonix (?) - not sure they have the cap space but may make a move

Houston - would not at all be surprised to see them make 1 or more moves.

Couple of dark horse traders ?

LA Lakers - because you never know

Denver - Perhaps - their in the playoffs now but you can assume they hear the footsteps of the Laker, Twolves and the Jazz nipping at their heals .....

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