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Default Re: BREAKING: Avery Johnson fired by Nets

Originally Posted by niko
I don't think Avery the person is bad. Avery the coach though is YELL YELL YELL. I saw the Nets play one game in person and sat right behind him and his body language is awful, it ranges from pissed to annoyed to pissed and always seems at the players. Mind you that was one game but it didn't strike me as something you'd want in your coach if you were a player.

Don't take this as i don't blame the players though...
wow... someone on ISH who talks the talk and walks the walk. pardon me while i...

note: no sarcasm intended.

anyway, seems like there's a certain percentage of coaches who like to operate like that. tends to work in college and rarely in the pros. NBA players have too much entitlement, fame, ego and money to enjoy that for more than brief stretches. and seems like it's kind of forgotten by fans that many players in dallas got pretty sick of avery by the end and were quietly thrilled when he got axed.

not that i have much sympathy for NBA players and spoiled brats alike.
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