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Default Re: BREAKING: Avery Johnson fired by Nets

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
Damian Lillard for Gerald Wallace. Never forget.

Yep exactly, definitely gonna rep you on that.

Nets were always better off going into that new building w/ Favors, Lopez, woulda likely still had MarShon Brooks from the 2011 draft, and damn sure woulda had Lillard in 2012 draft cause they probably woulda still had Devin Harris who'd be expiring 2013 when Paul and Dwight expire.

King shoulda held his ground and stood pat, regardless of the impression he was trying to make to Proky and BK fans, or whatever pressure Proky may have put on him.

Lillard (Harris)/ Brooks/ SF/ Favors/ Lopez would look WAY BETTER as a building block than the gaggle of players they have now.

Only option now is to trade Williams in order to get back on track somewhat.

Don't like Avery so much as a coach as he's never pleased w/ what his players do, also don't care for Williams myself, never really did but between Avery and Deron:

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