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Originally Posted by IGotACoolStory
Borrowed my buddies to see if I should pick it up. I haven't played Madden since 2010. I haven't liked an NFL football game since like 06 or 07. I did like the NCAA series, but NBA 2k takes enough of my time as it is, and you lose time when you get older.

Started a franchise... or whatever the **** it's called now, with the Panthers. Took me 5 minutes and then google to realize they merged this career crap with the franchise mode and erased some of my favorite features (draft class export, fantasy draft).

First off, the navigation is just so awful. It moves slowly, it makes you press unnecessary buttons, and it's troublesome to find players.

Why can't I view the NFL as a whole to scout players like in previous games?
Why does it enlarge the player you are selected, making you think you are on another player?
Why in the hell are the menus so glitchy that when I press RT, it will stay on after I release and I'm unable to do anything?
Why the **** is trading so difficult? I can't tell if I'm close to a deal or not.
Why do I have to exit the trading part of the game to see if the other team accepted it?

I finally did my roster and it froze while I was saving. I did it partially again (had to make a few more roster moves) and that RT glitch happened. Thankfully you can save from that with the quick save... So I did and when I reloaded the game it took me back one week before... Which erased most of my roster moves.

Two wasted hours and all the playing I did was one of those practice situation things. The fact that it took me over an hour to make those simple moves should say how slow it is to navigate the game.

**** this shitty game. Unplayable.

You nailed it on the head.. It's not user friendly at all and it takes hours doing simple shit in franchise. EA simply doesn't give a shit about fixing the game as they purposely take away features and create headaches for them to only re-add the "new" features in 2-3 years times.. I remember in Madden 2005 I could do player adjustments on certain formations from the franchise menu, I could have a OLB come in as DE in a dime package, have my WR sub in as TE in a 4 wr set, etc. But of course I can't do any of that shit now, I can't even change the teams ****ing defensive alignment(3-4 or 4-3)

In Madden 2005 there was player progression based on the players performances and the players grew automatically every 4 weeks based on their performances.. None of this XP shit

Trading is impossible just because it takes hours to pull of a simple trade. I can't customize my team at all, the only thing I can do is change players styles but I don't think it makes a difference if my QB is a field general or a west coast QB.

Not to mention the game freezes every ****ing time so I can't even do a simple franchise.

I remember Madden 05 for the had so many more features that this next gen is missing, it was much more complete and I remember that game being shit as well
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