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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by RoseCity07
Django Unchained - 5/10

Tarantino is clearly coasting on his reputation. While I won't say this movie is terrible it suffered from poor writing. There is interesting dialogue at times but I found myself waiting for something interesting to happen. After a lot of nervous laughter from me and the crowd I just wanted the movie to be over. The performances by the actors are the only redeeming quality of the movie.

Dicaprio and Samual L Jackson are easily the best performers in this film. The scenes with them are the ones that I remember the most because you really can't take your eyes off either of them when they are on screen.

This film suffered from a really bad job editing job. I was reading some other reviews online and one person commented that there might be a good movie somewhere in this drawn-out mess of a film. I think that could be true but we'll never really know.

I'm no fan of Tarantino but I will say that this guy does know how to make gore and violence somewhat hilarious. You can tell Tarantino is making fun of racists throughout the movie. I suppose he was trying to be Mark Twain-esque in that way but he isn't nearly as good at it. If Spike Lee really won't see this film I am a bit disappointed because I thought he was more sophisticated than that.

I'd say this movie is worth seeing if you really love seeing over the top action. I really wish he'd make movies for adults though.
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