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Default Re: Oklahoma City Thunder vs Los Angeles Clippers

Originally Posted by detroitdogg
Durant = Paul

Blake > Westbrook (especially in a playoff series where you know Russ will try too much)

DJ >>>>>>>> Perkins (by a mile, and DJ has been playing great when posting up)

Crawford > Martin (I would slap the shit out of any ***** that thinks K Mart has ever been a equal or better player than Mal)

Ibaka > Butler (Caron has a lot of experience and his game is made to be effective in the playoffs so I think Caron could impact a series as much as Ibaka, but Ibaka will block shots and rebound fasho and you cant just ignore that)

I dont know what the **** is wrong with the few people in this thread, but if you think OKC has a better core 4 then you are blowed as ****. As a team (not even talking bench depth) the Clippers are put together perfectly, everybody plays off each other and OKC does not do that at all. They dont move the ball at anywhere near the level the Clippers do. GTFOH you uneducated on basketball ass ******, only a fool would say some shit like that.

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