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Default Re: Teams 'most likely' to be active at trade deadline?

TLows comment covers off my thoughts exactly... other than to add...

I think with Okafor Ariza Nene and draft pick (Beal and the highly talented Euro player year before Veesly ??) ... they assumed they had a 500+ team just waiting for Wall to show up...

Clearly it hasnt worked.

The 'other shoe' to drop could be a coaching / management (Ernie G) change.

I suppose though Nene spoke out against the youngsters... so what do you change ? the players ? the management ?

Both - likely.

<edit note.. I actually was predicting Washington in the 8th spot in the east preseason. I suspected the talent on this team was deeper than Toronto for example and I liked the win/losses they could pile up in their division i.e. Bobcats, Orlando, and splits with Atlanta. I was evidently off by a mile on that prediction - no question... but I do believe that Washington is likely to make a management and roster move... I can see them wanting to keep Nene and Wall as building blocks - but I could see where Washington might be very tempted to acquire a Jose/Bargnani combo for Okafur Veesly (spelling) and perhaps something else like a draft pick >>>

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