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Default Re: some interesting news regarding Dwight

Originally Posted by Lakers_Kobe_Fan
hmm are they planning to pair him with Lebron in 2014 Summer??? i sure hope so

I have my doubts of Dwight but I will shutup till he is 100% and i see him play.

its 1 game but his energy in yesterday's game was just not there...negative energy to be honest...a leader cant have that....

That I have no idea of. The person in question is not necessarily an employee of the NBA. He is a credible person that is close to Dwight ever since Dwight moved down here. He wouldn't know about LBJ.

One thing we know about Jim Buss is he may be an idiot when it comes to selecting coaches. In the past however he's had big targets in regards to free agency. This team, I am sure we can all agree, is not going to ever score big in a draft. And why should they? We're always expected to do so well where we don't get high draft picks anyways lol. The free agent market is where this team thrives, and trades too. God bless Mitch.
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