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Default If the Catholic 7 gets who everyone thinks they will and a couple long shots.......

....where would you rank that conference taking into consideration programs have ups and downs (will some of these currently good teams be mainstays?).

This is all hypothetical of course.

You have G'town as a team people expect to be in the tourny every year and usually ranked. Marquette is a step behind, but a usual tourny team. Villanova was on Marquette's level or higher, but has struggled, however they still have a decent recruiting base and a big name coach. Providence and Seton Hall are "here and there" tourny teams. Competitive, but not always tourny worthy. St. John's future was looking a little brighter, but haven't done as well since Lavin came back. Average team. Depaul is shit and always will be. lol

Everyone thinks the two sure bets are Xavier and Buter. Xavier isn't having a great season, but are a perennial tourny team that competes at a high-major level much of the team. Butler seems to be closer to sweet 16 worthy than out of the tourny caliber more years than not now. Not sure that will change with a better league now regardless if Stevens stays as coach.

Creighton, Dayton and St. Louis seem to be safe assumptions by most as well. Creighton has been great of recent years and while you gotta expect drop off here and there, I think they can be a pretty consistent tourny team. Dayton and St. Louis I'd put below teams like Providence and SH, but can make tournies here and there. With this much comp, it could be quite tough on them though.

So that's 12 teams, which is what most people think the conference would at least start with. Are they the clear best non high-major league? Are they better than some high-major leagues?

Going super hypothetical now....there are other teams being bandied about, whether they are part of the original 12 team league or are added to say a 14 team league in the future. Thinking of VCU and Gonzaga as the highest profile teams. If you add one or both of those teams, how good is this league? Note that I understand the logistical problems of adding a team from the state of Washington (although Boise St was gonna enter the Big East). I'm just adding them because people are adding them into the picture.

Some of these teams can't be as good as they are now...some may be...Just fun to think about.
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