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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by IGotACoolStory
Where is that UCLA fan on this message board?

here. just got back from san diego (was at the game) assume you wanted my reaction?

i believe i'm quoting kentatm - we got our ***** cut off.

our worst game of the season by far, team didn't come to play. outcoached and outplayed. there is really no excuse for our offense to do this horrible (don't care that our starting center and ot got injured). baylor has a bad defense. oh well, we got raped. really nothing i can add to that.

i've gone through worse as a ucla fan. this really wasn't that bad. i was never on here saying ucla was a juggernaut or even good.

i know its your thing to be an ass, hawker, and i truly enjoy it and find it amusing. but, kansas state got destroyed by baylor, are they horrible and a joke too? teams have bad games. it happens. you know this, every tamu loss is just a bad game for your team that they should of won.

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