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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
I know, right? I made it to the championship in my other league. The guy who I was playing for the big prize -- a good friend of mine -- called me before the first game of the week and proposed us combining the runner-up prize ($450) and the championship prize ($1,150) and just splitting it instead of going through the stress of losing $700.

I know it was sort of a cop-out move, but I agreed to the deal. I figured, not a huge difference between $1100 and $800. There is a huge difference between $1100 and $450.

Luckily, I ended up losing 140-130, so it was the right decision... And I'm $800 richer!

Anyway, I will admit I thought you were going to win. Then again, I thought SCY had the best overall team and he took third. You just never know when you get into the playoffs. It takes actual skill to get to week 14. Once you're there, you need some luck.

Seems like everybody does a whole bunch of leagues. No doubt I probably had an upperhand because ISH was the only one I was in. Only one team to focus on all week. A $1000 bucks for winning a fantasy football league is pretty intense.

I figured SCY was going to win too, pushed for Greene to get that 7 points so I could play PT. Was negative all year thinking I was going to crash an burn or make a mistake but whatever reason come the final week I was convinced that skrilla was mine
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