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Default Re: Which of these teams has the best shot to win a ring?

Originally Posted by Levity
Which one of these teams without their best player(arguable) has the best shot at winning a ring?

Heat without Lebron
Lakers without Kobe
Thunder without Durant
Knicks without Melo
Spurs without Duncan
Celtics without KG
Clippers without Paul
Warriors without Lee
Grizzlies without Gay

Note: theyd be replaced by the next player off the bench. Also, im not saying each of these teams loses their star and then compete against each other. Rather, which of these teams can lose one star and still compete against the other healthy play off teams for a chance for a ring.

No team is winning a ring without its best player, the best teams would be the lakers by a landside and then heat (if wade steps up) and thunder.
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