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Default Re: All-Time Starting team + 6th Man

Originally Posted by Round Mound
People Here are Underrating Barkley a Bit.

The Dude Shot Like Shaq Inside the 3-Point Line.

Most Think He Was Just a Coast to Coast and Rebound Player. The Dude Had Great Handles, Could Pass The Ball Like a Guard and If You Don`t Double Team Him in the Post Your Dead Meat.

Pretty sure I'd select Sir Charles myself if I didn't think Kareem would be perfection playing the high post with Wilt Chamberlain on the low block.

Really almost comes down to height tells when choosing because Chuck just for example on the Dream Team was unearthly

That bench has got to have Kobe and LeBron, Sir C, just sure as your world

But a lot of guys are invisible on here. Where's Cowens? Havlicek? Frazier? AD and Big E or Connie FlyHawk? Lot of 80s greats have not appeared so far.... weirdest of all, have really not seen a ton of Kobe actually which is a bizarro fact for this board
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