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im a twolves fan, and i have watched my fair share of trenton hassell play, and he is a great role player. every team should have a player like him, he's the definition of a team player.

he is excellent on defense, and you underrate his ability on the offensive end. NO he's not gonna score 16ppg during a season and be your go to guy, but maybe 8-12ppg

he doesnt settle for jumpshots all the time like a lot of players do now, and when he shoots that baseline jumper, he hits it 8 out of 10 times. he drives to the bucket, and isnt afraid of contact, and ive seen him make some difficult shots too.

im not sayin he'll ever make an all star team or anything, because he definitely will not, but please dont say he sucks, b/c if u think that, you know nothing about basketball.
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