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Default Re: Lakers all-white Xmas uniforms = a one-time thing

Originally Posted by DKLaker
I would absolutely go nuts and storm the NBA office if they put ads all over the jerseys....1 small ad would upset me but more would push me off the cliff.
There has to be some end to the greed.....just because you CAN make a buck doesn't mean you should always do it.......kinda the sports equivalent to prostitution. I still struggle to stomach arena naming's better now because most arenas or stadiums are created with those names......unlike when the Forum became the "Great Western Forum" wasn't as bad because it was a fitting name that didn't sound like a bank.

Q: If you were offered a million bucks to put a company's name across your forehead and had to leave it on for the rest of your life.....would you do it?
I know some will answer yes

I would say a million isn't enough lool.

I can see where you're coming from though. I would suppose that this can be done, but in a controlled manner.

Take for example nationally televised games. They are always taking an extra 15 minutes to start after their reported tip-off time. My idea for the NBA is this:

If you want to put ads on our jerseys, you only do it on nationally televised games. Some teams don't even get airtime, which sucks to be them lol. As for the playoffs, you do not think of EVER requesting ads on jerseys. Playoffs are a time of basketball where players don't get paid a salary, and they go out to compete in a manner which displays their love for the game. If the players play for the love of the game during this part of the season, then there should not be any sort of money talks involved either.

What would you think of this idea? I think its pretty good. but of course, I know that most fans and players would rather not wear them at any time.
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