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Default Re: All-Time Starting team + 6th Man

Originally Posted by ThaRegul8r
I've got Cowens on my Magic fast-break team.

I've been thinking about him with Duncan, though I haven't finalized the roster yet.

Dave was brutal in transition, perfect with Earvin Magic on fast break!! I saw your earlier post about choosing more of role players for the rest of the team, one could almost think about guys like Danny Ainge or Toni Kukoc for long range bombs, to keep a half court defense running from pillar to post. I'm real interested in this new kid out of Russia, Alexey Shved... who knows how rookies turn out, but he has the makings of true quality. 10-3-4 stat line is no world beater but considering he's been off the bench most of the year, getting about 27mpg and is starting on a Rick Adelman team... he may turn out pretty good, defense looks strong so far.

I've often wondered where Frazier would rate if Clyde had been on more of a contender in his later years, that Knicks team with Spencer Haywood never seemed to pan out.... but that 70s NBA was so balanced out, with not a single back-to-back champion in the entire decade.... Frazier teamed up with Duncan would be one of the smoothest combos ever, I'd like to see who you line up beside them
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