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Default Re: Jeff Teague further validates that Larry Drew is one of the worst coaches in the NBA

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
No, because the vast majority of teams in the league do not have the nice young pieces that Atlanta has... And most teams in the league aren't 18-9.

Teague, Horford, Smith and Williams. That is a pretty nice foursome.

Depends how you define "something". Is that "something" an elite top 5-8 player? Talking like a Bron, Durant, Wade, Kobe, Dwight, Paul, or Melo-like player? If so, wouldn't Indiana, Brooklyn, Boston, Houston, Denver, Golden State, Chicago, Memphis, Clippers, and maybe Milwaukee and Philly potentially all become contending teams.

You certainly define something as more than Joe Johnson, so are you talking about guys like Stephen Curry, Westbrook, Al Jefferson, Marc Gasol level players? If that's the case, then I'd somewhat agree with you, but then they still wouldn't be contenders.

Cause really, a lot of teams have "nice pieces" but if you define something as a great player.. then all of those teams probably get propelled to contending status, regardless if they're not 18-9.
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