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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Game of the year so far. Interesting to see if UCLA can play this well as a team going forward. Shabazz scored 27 I think, but he could have had a lot more. Wasn't really assertive towards the end of regulation. With the talent they have, they should be sharing the ball, but when he's on, he should have the green light go on in his head. Fine line between quality and quantity though.

Pressey had a great game overall, but was kinda stagnant towards the end. Also, Imagine of Bowers was healthy last season? lol

Both teams did a great job spreading the floor as well. With a passer like Pressey, the offense is deadly. With the good outside shooting of UCLA and if the Ware twins play as they did regularly, the paint can be really open for them.
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