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Default Re: Lakers all-white Xmas uniforms = a one-time thing

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
If you want to put ads on our jerseys, you only do it on nationally televised games. Some teams don't even get airtime, which sucks to be them lol. As for the playoffs, you do not think of EVER requesting ads on jerseys. Playoffs are a time of basketball where players don't get paid a salary, and they go out to compete in a manner which displays their love for the game. If the players play for the love of the game during this part of the season, then there should not be any sort of money talks involved either.

What would you think of this idea? I think its pretty good. but of course, I know that most fans and players would rather not wear them at any time.

They already make enough money as it is. Why give them more ideas? I don't want ads on the jerseys on any player. One little Nike sign or Adidas sign is fine. Any more - hell no as DKlaker said!

Also, I'm not sure what you're saying about not getting paid a salary in playoff. Players get extra salary bonuses for playing in playoffs - most of them have it within their contracts. (Guaranteed vs non-guaranteed portions of contracts, etc).. + playing well in playoffs = better and bigger contract deals down the road.
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