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Default Raptor rotation

Assuming the raps hold on to Jose and can't deal bargs. I am in favor of trading them both. Jose for assets and a chance to win. Much respect to him and what he has done for the franchise. Bargs would be an addition by subtraction. Pietrus should be released and kleiza will most likely be amnestied and go back to Europe. For now let's assume both Jose and bargs remain raptors for the rest of the year.

Lowry, 32. Jose, 22 Lucas
Derozen, 32 Ross 20
Anderson, 26. fields, 16 kleiza
Davis, 28. bargs 20
Val, 22. amir 24 Gray

Jose and Amir are so good together. Bargs and Jose are good second unit guys. Neither will be exposed as badly against backups. Casey is showing some real backbone as he is making lowry earn his p.t. Off the bench, fields as well. Bargs must now prove he can be a sixth man off the bench.
That bench unit will score and hopefully hold their own defensively.
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