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Default Re: What's the point of cops?

Originally Posted by Skywalker
You think police presence doesn't prevent crimes ?

I've seen first hand, on dozens of occasions where the cops are called because of a disturbance, and other than the cops saying "hey, calm down, don't do that, or we'll take you in." Nothing is done. And what happens days or a week later, same thing. All they do is promote the fear of prison, but to individuals who are smart enough to know what they can get away with, the cops can't do anything.

It is sort of like that pre-crime movie; they arrest people after knowing they will definitely commit the crime. Cops can't do that, so if someone decides to shoot you while you're checking the mail, you're dead. Sure that person may go to jail after the fact, but you're still dead.

I guess that is what annoys me. Their only tool is the fear of prison, but i know a lot of people who have been in and out of prison so much they just don't give a damn if they go back or not. Our police systems seems very amateur when you think about it. You'd think we'd have a better idea about how to prevent crime, as oppose to only have a way to punish crime and think we prevent further crime through the fear of what we do to those who convicted of crime. Is it working? It doesn't feel like it, but maybe in a world without them there would be more crime. I can't tell because there's so much right now.
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