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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by FCardelle
What??? I didn't get a lopsided trade since I am in this league.

DrFunk will have the best group of keepers next season with Anthony Davis, Rubio, Kahwi and Robin Lopez. I would do the same if my team were second to last at this point.

really? I like Rose, Wall, Lawson, Ryan Anderson, Asik, Klay, Jordan Crawford better than those guys. Lopez isn't reliable, Kawhi is nothing more than borderline waiver guy. Rubio coming off a major injury and isn't playing that great and his shooting is very suspect. Anthony Davis was drafted early this year wasn't he? It's a clear sign that he's tanking and making trades for the heck of it. He's not doing it to set his team well for the future. They have been very lopsided and veto-worthy trades. Especially the last two trades..
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