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Originally Posted by plowking
You put up 10 reps of 300lbs at 165lbs? And this was after just getting into the gym hard again the last 2-3 months?

You basically have world class strength, if you put it up without too much trouble. Being able to rep out 10 at essentially almost double your bodyweight, would put you at an elite level, even at lifting. 300lbs for 10 roughly translates into 400lbs lift for a one rep max. Do you realize how shit strong you have to be to lift 2.5 times your bodyweight? And you make it seem like an easy feat? Why don't you lift professionally?

Ignoring the mocking tone - I've been lifting consistently for years, I said I hadn't pushed myself as hard as I had been in the gym the last 2-3 months. I'd been regularly benching 240-250 for a while when I was 190+ but never tried anything higher after the weight loss. As for the 10 reps, I didn't say they were all perfect form and "not too much trouble" meaning I didn't feel dead after doing them. Anyway, I put up 300 on the smith machine bench and don't really care about proving it further to a dude on the internet.

A professional lifter...lmao, I'm in medical school; I'd never entertain the thought of such a shit job
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