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Default Picking up basketball at 16 as a soccer player(6'8)

Living in Holland there's a small chance you will get in touch with basketball. I'm 16 now and I really feel like playing basketball on a competitive level. I play soccer at a reasonable level making my debut at 15 for our first team. Another interesting thing might be that I'm 6'8. I outpace 90% of the people and I'm reunite good at positioning as a defender who has to go for the headers. I just wonder if it's true that your footwork improves from playing soccer.

There's a horrible court close where the ring hangs at least 1 foot too high, and when I go there I'm all by myself shooting jumpers or driving to the basket. Have any of you got tips on how to improve technically and how to train my body from a soccerbody to a hoopsbody.

Thanks for reading and helping out I'm advance
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