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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

The Durant deal was probably the worst one. You could argue it should take CP3 and Horford to get Durant in a keeper league. Let alone also giving up Conley and Manu.

My deal with Funk was simply bad luck, like the Felton/Pau deal. I moved Gortat when he was beasting and got Horford and Paul George when they were awful. Gentry is screwing with the Suns.

Some of the others have been terrible deals, but this latest I don't think is. You have to give up a lot to get Davis in a keeper league and he'd go before Rd 3 next year. Rondo, while I'd like him on my team, is overrated in fantasy with his lack of 3s, huge turnovers and FT%.

Anyway, I don't believe Funk is making deals just for kicks. However from a keeper perspective, having a foundation of Durant, George and Conley would be great to start any season, knowing you can just get next years Robin Lopez in the late rounds.
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