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Default Re: Week 17 Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
Yes he has, DRC has been one if the few bright spots on the team...he has been a good cover corner this year, on the outside.

Him and Asante would have been a good duo

Everyone's entitled to their opinions I guess. But watching the Eagles? DRC has been better this season than last for obvious reasons. He's not a slot corner, excels on the outside. But vs Nnamdi? He hasnt covered any better. I think people assume so because DRC has played better than last season while Nnamdi hasnt been shutdown. So they give DRC extra points for it. Its like Nnamdi didnt live up to the standards he was given therefore DRC is better. Yet Nnamdi stats say otherwise as well as his performance. Whenever Nnamdi gets beat it gets magnified to the 10th power. Its understandable but to think DRC has fared better is wrong. Did you see that TB Bucs game towards the end? Tell me how DRC fared in coverage.
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