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Default Re: Picking up basketball at 16 as a soccer player(6'8)

Originally Posted by TheFastOne
Living in Holland there's a small chance you will get in touch with basketball. I'm 16 now and I really feel like playing basketball on a competitive level. I play soccer at a reasonable level making my debut at 15 for our first team. Another interesting thing might be that I'm 6'8. I outpace 90% of the people and I'm reunite good at positioning as a defender who has to go for the headers. I just wonder if it's true that your footwork improves from playing soccer.

There's a horrible court close where the ring hangs at least 1 foot too high, and when I go there I'm all by myself shooting jumpers or driving to the basket. Have any of you got tips on how to improve technically and how to train my body from a soccerbody to a hoopsbody.

Thanks for reading and helping out I'm advance

awesome. At that height and age you could say picking up basketball is a good choice

It's never too late to start playing basketball, especially someone your height. Hakeem Olajuwon didn't start playing basketball until he was 17 or something, and he also used to play soccer (albeit he was a goalkeeper lol)

Soccer players seem to be more efficient in the way they utilize their steps and footwork. So you might have an advantage at that. I would first start by soaking up as much as you can from just WATCHING basketball players your size play and then emulating. You're starting from scratch so don't worry about technique just yet, you first need to learn how basketball players move about the court, before you will understand how and why you should do certain things in the game.

Go find any player you like and watch videos of them on youtube and break down their steps in slow motion. I used to do this with guys like MJ, John Stockton, Gary Payton when I was a kid (but we didn't have youtube, you just had to catch it as quick as you could lol) then copy.

Also, since you might not be used to using your hands, try and dribble a tennis ball as many times as you can without looking at it. This is really hard for even the most experienced basketball players, but if you can manage to do it, you'll be well on your way to having a good feel for the ball.

From there you must learn how to consistent "be strong" with the basketball. This means gripping the ball tight every time you have two hands on it (which should be ALL the time if you are not dribbling) and must learn how to dribble HARD and LOW, below your knees.

Lots of great drills on youtube, but for starters, watch some videos of great players at each position, and soak up as much as you can.
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