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Default Re: Source: Jets want Vick

Didn't McElroy get sacked 11 times in his start? He didn't really get a concussion, they just called Amnesty International. Ryan had no choice. I don't know why a Jets fan would think that's a good option. Well, yes I do: Mark Sanchez. **** whatever Ryan has to say, Tebow would not have done worse than what we saw (well, I stopped watching a few weeks ago) from Sanchez and McElroy this year. Sanchez is responsible for some of the most embarrassing football I have ever seen. Buttfumble is the ugliest play of all time and that wasn't even his worst game. How the hell does Ryan talk about this guy giving them the best chance to win? I guess they had no chance to win, because 6-10 isn't winning shit. Y'all better pray Philly cuts Vick because if NY comes back with the Sad Clown (Sanchez) and the Tackling Dummy (McElroy) Fireman Ed is going to start going to Net games.
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