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Default Re: Source: Jets want Vick

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
Didn't McElroy get sacked 11 times in his start? He didn't really get a concussion, they just called Amnesty International. Ryan had no choice. I don't know why a Jets fan would think that's a good option. Well, yes I do: Mark Sanchez. **** whatever Ryan has to say, Tebow would not have done worse than what we saw (well, I stopped watching a few weeks ago) from Sanchez and McElroy this year. Sanchez is responsible for some of the most embarrassing football I have ever seen. Buttfumble is the ugliest play of all time and that wasn't even his worst game. How the hell does Ryan talk about this guy giving them the best chance to win? I guess they had no chance to win, because 6-10 isn't winning shit. Y'all better pray Philly cuts Vick because if NY comes back with the Sad Clown (Sanchez) and the Tackling Dummy (McElroy) Fireman Ed is going to start going to Net games.

Exactly, I've been saying that forever now.

People love to bash Tebow's QB skills, specifically his throwing ability but look what Sanchez is doing.. He single handily loses the Jets multiple ball games.

Fact is that they never even considered Tebow at the QB spot. They didn't want to deal with the PR beast that Tebow is because if Tebow put in some good performances people will be calling for Tebow to the the QBOF and some will be calling for Ryan's head for not going to him earlier. That along with the fact that Sanchez has a heavy contract the Jets have to make execuses that Sanchez is the best option or that Tebow simply isn't a QB.

Tebow as a QB is conservative when throwing, he doesn't throw interceptions like Sanchez which itself could have saved them some ball games. Tebow does have a fumbling problem(due to his scrambling ability) but it's still not as bad as Sanchez. The differences is that Tebow can atleast give you something in the running game which will generate some production for that brutal offense and not to mention Tebow is as clutch as a player there is. Why didn't they try to run some sort of pistol/spread offense like Washington, San Fran, Seattle, etc, are running. Tebow can certainly run that offense and he had some success last year in it..

Ryan and co are just too stubborn.. BRB Sanchez putting up the worst possible stats a starting QB can post and yet fail to make a change.. I think Sanchez has 18 INT and 14 total Fumbles
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